Is your digital signage reaching the right audience? Are you struggling to determine the return-on-investment for your digital signage network? 11Giraffes is here to help.

Our Audience Measurement functionality utilizes anonymous viewer analytics to collect viewer data including gender, age, attention span and even mood.  With this data, brands may now answer a number of questions including:

  • Are displays located in optimal viewing areas?
  • Which content is being viewed?
  • How many people are seeing each piece of media?
  • Is the desired demographic seeing content?
  • Are viewers paying attention?
  • Do viewers respond favorably?

Anonymous view data is recorded real-time and presented in reports available to the digital signage network operator.  Playback history of content is also recorded and can be combined with anonymous viewer analytics for a more complete visualization of playback and viewer activity.

Additionally, viewer data may be utilized for real-time triggering of content with 11Giraffes Context Aware Marketing.