June 21, 2011, Austin, Texas – DMX, Inc., who partnered with 11Giraffes in November 2010 to offer DMX®MARQUEE, an easy-to-use, affordable digital signage solution, will now offer music functionality to further enhance the digital signage solution.

“The addition of music to our digital signage solution portfolio of products is a natural progression of our integrated vision,” said John Cullen, CEO of DMX, “which today includes music, messaging, video and scent. DMX®MARQUEE is the perfect compliment to our business, and will provide an excellent solution for our customers.”

DMX®MARQUEE provides customers with the ability to manage their own music day-parting schedule via the same Marquee web management tool they use for their digital signage. They will be able to choose from 38 of the most popular DMX styles, including five holiday styles, and will have the freedom to schedule up to five styles at once.

DMX®MARQUEE has enhanced the digital signage experience by adding music to the visuals; the music and digital signage are now provided on one media player. “We worked closely with DMX on the launch of DMX®MARQUEE and we are thrilled to integrate the music capabilities for our digital customers.” said Rudy Alexander, President & CEO of 11Giraffes. “Our respective teams have shown outstanding commitment and cooperation, and we look forward to a strong and ongoing relationship.”

About DMX

Recognized as an international leader of experiential marketing services, DMX creates brand experiences using music, video/digital signage, audio and mobile messaging, scent marketing, and audio/visual systems design and installation. DMX services span physical and digital worlds - from in-store environments to online streaming music players and branded digital music stores to mobile messaging (SMS) and mobile web – for completely integrated solutions. Serving a wide variety of industries including retail, hospitality, restaurants, and many more, DMX helps create unique and unforgettable customer experiences.  DMX also provides digital music solutions for satellite and residential cable operators. For more information please visit DMX at www.dmx.com.

About 11Giraffes
Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, 11Giraffes provides affordable, innovative and easy-to-use digital signage solutions to companies across the United States and Canada. The company’s software and hardware products are distributed through a large network of North American dealers who are placing its products in a wide range of industries including hospitality, QSR/restaurant, assisted living, automotive, financial institutions, medical and dental offices, country clubs, and c-stores. 11Giraffes is committed to creating products that extend brands, deliver messages, and speak to customers in the moment that matters. (http://www.11giraffes.com)