Intuitive. Manageable. Scalable. Plain and simple, 11Giraffes provides the three most attractive features available in any digital signage system in the marketplace today. Our web-based content management software provides an easy-to-use and cost effective solution for digital signage and audio for businesses of any size.

Simplicity, reliability and scalability were key features in mind when our software was designed. These goals continue to drive 11Giraffes evolution. Our digital media platform converges the communication forms of video, audio and interactive technology to deliver information for a more dynamic, engaging and impactful experience.

With over a decade of digital signage experience, 11Giraffes is a leader in the digital signage industry.


Managing a digital signage network doesn't have to be complicated.

We paid attention to what you want and how users interact with a content management system. Then we developed the answer. Visual simplicity makes the 11Giraffes digital media system an intuitive, user-friendly interface to navigate. One of our clients says that if you can upload a photo to Facebook or edit a PowerPoint presentation you’re overqualified to use the 11Giraffes system.

Want to use your own media files? Just upload and schedule. We’ll do any work behind the scenes to convert file formats, and get the content delivered.

Need some help with your content? We’ve got you covered. Our template library contains hundreds of ideas to get you started. Add some text, upload a logo or image, and you’ve created a video! We also include dozens of videos incorporating live news, weather, financial market information, sports scores and other data. Still stuck, our in-house designers and content partners will make you look great.



We made the “Bring Your Own” movement easier than anyone else. You probably already have images, logos and videos created for print, web or broadcast.  Unlike other digital signage platforms, you don’t need to worry if your files will work or how to convert them. 11Giraffes versatile system accepts almost all video and image file formats.

Repurpose existing videos and images by uploading them directly into the 11Giraffes system. Or use applications you may already have, like PowerPoint, Keynote, iMovie and Windows Movie Maker, to create digital signage videos. Let your imagination run wild.

Scheduling & Intelligent Conditional Access

Efficiency, flexibility and scalability rule. Defining which content plays where, when and under what conditions has never been easier.

Our drag-and-drop user interface allows you easily select and sequence content. Or select what plays where, and let the system dynamically sequence it for you. Schedule by day of the week, date, and time of day - as far into the future as you like. Create and schedule all of your holiday events, promotions, community activities whenever you have the time. They’ll play automatically, just as you requested.

11Giraffes Intelligent Conditional Access enables dynamic scheduling across a number of locations in just a few clicks.  Automatically assign media to locations with common attributes — like geographic region or campaign participation. Trigger content to present only during specific weather conditions. Target content to a viewer’s demographic. Yes, you can play media to someone of a specific age, gender, mood, or even the number of viewers looking at the display!

Centrally control the majority of a playlist at the corporate level. Then allow local managers influence over a subset of the content. Want to require the approval of locally scheduled content before it displays? We allow you to do that too.


From a single location to regional, national and international brands, securely control all your content and players from anywhere in the world using just a web browser. We designed the system to grow. It’s built on industry standard hardware, networking and software development platforms. So whether you have one restaurant or one-thousand retail stores we’ve got your back.


The 11Giraffes platform is one of the most economical solutions available. All the best features you desire like storage, bandwidth and licensed content are included in one low price.

Because our solution is offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS), everything may be managed via a web browser from anywhere in the world. There’s no need for you to purchase or maintain servers, storage or backups. And since you’re sharing our infrastructure, there’s economy in scale. We pass that savings on to you.

Our media players are designed to do just that – play media. We kept it simple and left all the heavy lifting to the servers in our data center. Doing so allows us to provide media player options at a very low cost, as compared with others in the industry. And you still get all the functionality of the more expensive offerings.

Everyone wants to be save a buck. We help you do just that. We support digital signage, in-store and on-hold messaging, and music all on the same device. That reduces the number of companies for you to coordinate with for installation, service and billing. It also reduces the costs associated with hardware and content delivery.

Being green is more than a fad. Using one device and one management platform for all of these solutions also reduces the footprint (both size and carbon) of the equipment installed.


11Giraffes hundreds of professionally designed templates allow the creation of one-of-a-kind media that bring your message and imagination to life. Search for the right template within industry categories, by presentation feature, or from among various themes. Enter and format text within a template, add your own logo and images, and select backgrounds to build video messages in just a few clicks.  When you’re done, select where you want your newly created media to play and you’re done.

We even allow you to add external video sources, like live TV or surveillance systems, as part of the overall presentation.