Real-time data combined with an uncomplicated visual graphics. Synopsis: Our system allows you to easily manage your entire network from anywhere, at any time. You're always in complete control of your digital signage and audio campaigns.


Wondering what’s happening within your media network? Get a complete overview of all your media players’ current network status, along with a visual image of what is playing in each location from our real-time Dashboard. View current schedules, preview your playlist, or export your playlist to another location.

Additionally, commands may be issued, allowing you remote control over your media players.

Everything’s under control.


You just finished designing your content, but need someone’s approval on the design. And they’re 3,000 miles away. No problem! Our integrated preview system lets you publish and email the playlist to several people immediately.

No more waiting days for that final approval.

Want to share content or a complete playlist? There’s no need to deal with huge media files. Just click, save and email a small attachment. We’ll do the heavy lifting behind the scenes.


Keep a close eye on your campaign. View the overall network status, player status alert and playback history of each player all with a couple clicks.

Need to share that information? Save it as an Excel file, PDF, Word or one of several other file formats.

Avoid the hassle of having to run reports to see what is going on. If there’s an issue with your media players, we’ll automatically send you an alert via email. Of course, if you don’t want to be bothered, these can be disabled.


Your authorized 11Giraffes dealer is there to care for all your needs from sale, installation, on-site service, through technical support to help you grow your business.

Our 11Giraffes support team is available to assist your dealer by phone and online. And, if your support needs to go beyond that, just let your dealer know. We’re here to help.