The best compliments we receive are the simplest ones – things like “That was easy!” and “It just works.”

During our more than a decade in the digital signage and in-store media industry we’ve seen a lot of things. As our product has evolved, our approach to the technology has focused on just a few key goals. Simply put, these are: Keep it simple for the end-user; It must always work; The solution must be affordable; and, Some clients are small. Others are big… very big. This must scale.

Adhering to these rules, we developed a solution that was different from many in the industry in that it offers a complete end-to-end solution. Create video, repurpose existing media, integrate third party services, broad scheduling functionality, simple installation, hands-free operation, and reliability. It’s all there.

To do so, we started with industry standard hardware, operating systems, database platforms, and development environments. This ensures that what we’re doing is continually supported, easily integrated with outside systems, and that we’re able to hire new developers that can be of immediate value.

Then our solution was architected with scalability in mind. This allows for us to expand existing and add new software modules, increase hardware (like processors, memory and storage), add bandwidth and back everything up both quickly and efficiently. As our client base grows, we expand to meet the need.

As a Software as a Service (SaaS), those infrastructure costs are shared by all users. There is no need for clients to purchase servers, maintain operating system patches, or back-up their data. We do all that for you.

Network security is constantly in the news. We’ve taken appropriate steps to minimize exposure. Our media players operate in a “pull” model. That means that they sit behind your network firewall, safe from outside harm. We only communicate with them when they contact us.

If you have any more detailed questions about our technology, just ask your dealer. They have a number of technical documents that can be shared.