One content management interface. One media player. Three services.

11Giraffes recognizes that in-store media is more than a single service. Many businesses utilize business music today. Others include in-store and on-hold messaging in their marketing strategy. We’ve taken this a step further by creating a single solution for managing all of your in-store media.

Managed, delivered and presented via the same conduit as digital signage, your in-store and on-hold music and messaging is now fully-coordinated with your brand’s video. The result is a service more cost-effective, and easier to deploy and manage than stand-alone solutions – and one of the only solutions offering the capability of combining video, music and messaging for a truly integrated multimedia experience.



Our digital media platform allows for selection and scheduling of scores of music programs provided by 11Giraffes content partners. Each program includes hundreds of songs that were carefully selected and sequenced for your business environment.

Listen to the alternatives that interest you. Make a selection. Choose where and when it should play. We take care of the rest.




When you need to promote a product or inform your customers, we’ve got the solution. Actually, we’ve got two. In addition to using our digital signage solution for advertising and promotions, our digital media platforms support audio messaging.

Simply upload your MP3 audio message, and schedule it just like any other media. Whether you want it to play as part of your in-store music or on-hold, we’ve got you covered.